We Made Gummies!

I’ve been promising Girlie that we’d try making our own gummy snacks ever since I saw my friend Kendra’s recipe a couple of months ago.  Kendra’s Blog is always full of great inspiration for my bentos and she frequently posts other non-bento ideas too.  Her article on How To: Mess Up Home-Made Fruit Juice Gummies was perfect for inspiring me to try!  And thanks to her advice, we did NOT mess up our batch!

The recipe is simple: 2/3 cup of fruit juice concentrate plus 4 packets (1 box) of gelatin.  Sprinkle the gelatin on top of the juice in the saucepan.  Let it sit a few minutes, then heat it a little and stir until gelatin is dissolved.  Pour into molds and wait 20 minutes for the gummies to set.   Easy-peasy!


I read the directions to Girlie and explained everything to her the first time.  When we made the second batch later in the day, she did everything on her own, except for pouring the hot juice/gelatin mix into the molds.   She and I swapped and she became the photographer on that step.  We are such a good team.

Here’s our pictoral demonstration:

1) Pour 2/3 cup fruit juice concentrate (we used apple, grape, cherry) into a pan:

2) Sprinkle in 4 packages of gelatin and let it sit for a few minutes:

3) Heat the juice/gelatin mixture on medium and stir until dissolved:

4) Pour into molds and wait 20 minutes for gummies to set:

5) Enjoy your finished product!

These are yummy and easy to make. I like that you can control the ingredients and keep dyes and excess sugar out of the food.  I also like that I could pick shapes that my kids loved and that it was easy for Girlie could be in charge of the project.  She brought a container of them in to school today to share with all of her friends.  She’s so proud of herself! This is project we will definitely do over and over.

I bought the train molds and animal molds at If you look around, you will find lots of other choices. I am sure I’ll be ordering more soon.  One batch filled up both sheets of molds plus a tiny bit leftover that I poured into a glass ramekin and can either serve as a large circle or cut up for the kids.  They could be good for sandwich decorations in the kids’ bento lunches!

Let me know if you try these and how they came out! They were a hit at our house!

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